Why are geotagging devices not being used in US?

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According to an article in the magazine, geotag devices that collect and share information about objects are being increasingly rare.

The article notes that the US has the second-lowest percentage of GPS devices on the planet, behind only China.

The data can be collected by a GPS device as well as other devices, such as cameras.

The article cites a study from the University of Michigan, which found that a mere 20% of the US population has a GPS tracking device.

The researchers found that only 12% of US residents have a smartphone with GPS capability.

The US does have a few exceptions, including New York City, where people who have a mobile device can install their own GPS tracking system.

But it’s hard to imagine a world without them, the article noted.

The device can be bought for around $250, and can also be used for a number of other purposes.

The US has a lot of data to share with the world, from its natural disasters to the national security implications of a nuclear strike, the study noted.

While the data can also serve to track people, it could also be useful for law enforcement, according to the article.

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