Which countries are the most environmentally sensitive?


The United States, Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, France, and Canada all rank among the most sensitive countries in the world.

The study analyzed 10,000 years of environmental data from more than 40 countries to find which countries have the most likely to be impacted by environmental disasters.

While the U.S. ranked fifth most sensitive, its rate of climate change-related deaths increased by a whopping 2.3 times from the previous study.

A more alarming trend is the growing prevalence of extreme weather events such as hurricanes and typhoons, which are now common in the United States and other countries.

In addition, the study found that the United Kingdom was also most environmentally stressed, with an average of nearly three times the rate of global climate change fatalities than the United Sates.

According to the study, the most vulnerable countries include Russia, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, and South Africa.

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