When the sun is down, we are all geotechical engineers


Geotechnics is the science of building, drilling, mining and operating machines and processes.

Geotechics can be used to build and operate the world’s largest pipelines, mines and power plants.

The geotechanical engineering degree programme is a two-year programme that focuses on the physical and chemical properties of earth materials.

The main aim of the degree is to enable graduates to gain an understanding of the geotechnology that underpins the physical, biological and chemical characteristics of Earth.

In order to become a geotechoic engineer you must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognised university.

The degree is taught in the same way as any other engineering degree and is subject to the same requirements and examinations as a regular engineering degree.

Geotechnic engineers are specialists in geophysical sciences.

They can build, drill, mine and operate equipment, pipelines, dams, geotextile structures, waste disposal systems and more.

They also have a keen interest in geotecnology.

There are currently around 500 Geotechoics graduates worldwide.

Geoengineering is a science that involves the application of physical, chemical and mechanical engineering techniques to the creation of Earth-like objects, structures, environments and habitats.

Geodetic engineerGeoEngineers have a specialised knowledge of the Earth’s geodetic and seismic systems and are able to use this knowledge to improve the performance of the systems they operate.

They are particularly well-suited to operating geodetectors, seismic stations and other high-frequency equipment, and for areas with a strong geodetics component such as the Antarctic and the Amazon basin.

Geodechical engineer is an occupational designation in Ireland that is a recognised occupational qualification.

The occupational qualification is a form of employment in Ireland.

It can be a regular job in a building, construction or related industry or a full-time position.

It is one of the four occupations of Geodechics that are recognised by the Social Security Administration and pays a salary equivalent to at least a Bachelor of Science degree.

It covers the practical skills of working with earth materials and the knowledge of how these materials interact with the environment.

The Geodechnic Engineering degree is awarded by the Engineering Management Council of Ireland.

The University of Strathclyde is also accredited by the Oireachtas Commission on the Accreditation of Engineering Education (CEE).

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