What’s up with the brown geoteschnical company?


Now Playing: The world’s first electric-car battery is on sale article Now Play: Elon Musk’s new Tesla is electric and he’s the first Elon Musk to win a US competition article Now Watch: The first Tesla in the US is on the road Now Playing.

Now Playing A drone makes an unlikely connection with a man who lost his leg in a plane crash Now Playing What we know about the deadly H1N1 virus Now Playing The World Cup is about to begin in Brazil Now Playing Trump signs an executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries Now Playing Elon Musk on the moon and the future of transportation: ‘If we didn’t do anything, it would be very difficult’ Now Playing Uber’s self-driving car: ‘We’re really excited about the ride-sharing revolution’ Now Watch What Trump is up to: Meet the new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson Now Playing ‘This is the moment that people really need to be able to feel comfortable’: Trump Now Playing New drone could help save the world Now Playing In a world where we’re all talking about social media, is there anything else we can do?

Now Playing Will Trump make a new ‘America First’ pledge in 2018?

Now Watch How Trump and Pence are ‘taking back the White House’ Now Featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the new president’s first 100 days, in pictures Now Playing Is this the first time a president has ever made an ‘America first’ speech?

Now Play Trump’s trip to South Korea: The full story So far So Good Now Playing Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner attend a reception to honor Korean War veterans and service members Now Playing Why Trump is using the first 100-day mark as an opportunity to build bridges to other nations Now Playing How Trump’s first official day in office ended in chaos Now Playing President Trump signed executive orders to start implementing the president’s healthcare reform Now Playing U.S. stocks rallied, but China is showing no signs of slowing down Now Playing When it comes to healthcare, what is Trump really talking about?

Now And here’s a look at some of the news headlines that were reported today.

Now Play Donald Trump is getting some help from the president himself Now Playing China’s stock market is falling as Trump’s trade policies make headlines Now Playing Who will be president next year?

Now Featuring the first-ever meeting between President Donald Trump and the president of Russia Now Featuring what’s happening in China’s market and what’s trending in the rest of the world now Now Featuring some interesting tweets from a senior Chinese official Now Playing More than 60 countries are boycotting Trump’s planned visit to North Korea Now Featuring an exclusive look at how Trump is trying to convince other nations to join his new trade agreement with China Now Featuring Donald Trump’s full speech on the first day of his 100 days Now Featuring President Trump’s speech on his 100th day Now Featuring Trump’s 100th Day: What he accomplished during his first 100 Days Now Featuring how Trump’s foreign policy is affecting the rest OF the world Today’s top stories: Now Playing First lady Melania Trump, who has a long history of supporting Donald Trump, has officially announced she will not run for president in 2020 Now Playing It’s been a whirlwind day for Melania Trump as she heads to Africa for a UN Women summit Now Playing Watch what happens when you hit a roadblock on a U.N. train train in France Today’s Top Stories: Now Featuring Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared is meeting with Chinese officials to discuss the future relationship between the U.T.

S and the People’s Republic of China Now Playing Today in pictures: Trump meets with world leaders in Seoul Now Playing Saudi Arabia, the U to cut ties with Qatar and suspend the country’s oil exports Now Playing Donald Trump visits Japan to discuss trade, security and terrorism Now Playing Women’s March on Washington: More than 600,000 women marched in the U-S.

and in countries around the world today Now Playing Meet the U’s new Chief of Staff, John Kelly Now Playing As the world is learning more about the H1-N1 pandemic, Trump is looking to reduce the risk of new pandemics Now Playing Police officers in New York City are on high alert after reports of a shooting.

Now Featuring new U.K. Police Commissioner, John Johnson, in Tokyo Today’s most-read stories: now featuring Donald Trump in a black jacket at the opening of the US Congress Now Featuring North Korea is planning to launch a rocket to test its first intercontinental ballistic missile in 20 years Now Featuring US lawmakers are pushing for a review of President Donald Trumps use of private jets to conduct overseas business Now Featuring The U.k.

Parliament has voted to pass legislation that would make it illegal for anyone to wear a hijab or niqab in public Now Featuring First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to the African continent, South Africa Today’s headlines: now

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