What you need to know about Corus and its upcoming cloud computing service

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It sounds like a sci-fi novel, and it is.

But Corus has one real-world application in mind: cloud computing.

The Canadian company has announced that its cloud computing services are coming to Singapore, which is currently the world’s No. 2 cloud computing hub.

The service is the brainchild of CTO James Balsillie and CTO Rob Sussman, who joined Corus earlier this year as its CTO and vice president of engineering.

Corsair and Corus will share the same headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and the cloud computing business is in a partnership with IBM.

“Singapore has a strong culture of open collaboration, and Coru has been building and growing in that space for many years,” said Sussmann in a press release.

Corus’ new Singapore cloud service will provide customers with “full-featured, scalable, and high-performing cloud compute services.”

Corus will offer its cloud services in the Singapore market, which includes the city of Singapore, the country’s central government, the University of Singapore and a number of private institutions.

Corus’ cloud services will be available on the Singapore Exchange, the global market for international cloud computing, as well as the Singapore Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Market.

Coruses cloud services are expected to be available for the first time later this year, and its cloud servers will be offered in the United States as well.IBM has a long-term commitment to the Singapore cloud market, said IBM Singapore’s Asia Pacific Group Vice President of Cloud, Infrastructure and Operations Chris Naylor.

Coru also plans to offer cloud computing as part of its “Cloud Summit” conference, which takes place in Singapore in May.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for Corus to be part of a global global cloud computing community,” Sussmans said in a statement.

Coruscate is currently only available in Singapore.

The Singapore Cloud Summit will include a keynote address from Corus CEO Rob Sommers and an interview with Corus co-founder and chief technology officer James Belsillie.

Coruscate, a cloud-based cloud management service that Corus developed for the U.S. government, is currently available in several countries around the world.

Corucate has been in development since 2012, but Sussmnts announcement comes just a month after the company was acquired by Microsoft.

The company has since closed a $300 million funding round, and has raised a total of $500 million, according to its website.

CorcUs cloud services include two-way communication, which provides “high-capacity, scalable data storage for data centers and businesses,” and access to the cloud, which offers “integrated, reliable, fault-tolerant computing and storage solutions,” according to Corus.

Corcus cloud services, which offer users a choice of two data storage types, can be configured to automatically sync data between the two types of storage.

Users can choose between two cloud storage services: the “cloud-native” cloud storage that comes standard with Coruscates products, or the “open source” cloud-native data storage that Coruscatics customers can build on top of their existing systems.

Corbuses cloud storage service is “based on open source, industry-standard infrastructure technology that is compatible with the Microsoft Azure cloud,” according a Corus press release, and is “currently available in the U, U.K., and Australia.”

The Singapore cloud is expected to launch later this month.

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