What will the next Scottish leader be?


The Scottish Government has unveiled its list of possible successors to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale. 

The document outlines the six candidates for the Scottish Parliament, who will form the new UK government after the next election.

It lists the SNP’s Kezias, the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas, the UK Independence Party’s Natalie Bennett and the Conservatives’ Liam Fox. 

Mr Fox and Mr Lucas are the only two candidates to have been in Parliament for more than two years. 

They have also held the portfolios of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Energy and Climate Change. 

Caroline Lucas was the Scottish Labour Party leader in 2015.

She has been elected in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Aberdeen. 

She was also elected in 2017 to the Scottish parliament as a Green Party candidate. 

Ms Dugdale is expected to be the leader of the Scottish Conservatives in 2020.

She was appointed as the party’s general secretary in October. 

It also lists the UK Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn, who was elected as leader of Britain’s opposition party in 2018.

The document says that all candidates will be required to attend a hustings and meet with their local party members, with all candidates to sign a pledge of not campaigning during the election campaign. 

In order to be elected, the candidate will have to win the backing of at least 10% of all Scottish MPs. 

“All candidates have to be members of the SNP, Green Party, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, Pluralism in Scotland or Scottish Labour, which is what they all voted for in the last election,” the document said.

“This will ensure that they can form a team that is united on issues that matter most to the people of Scotland.”

All the candidates will need to meet with Scottish Government officials in person. 

These meetings will be in the UK Parliament or the Scottish House of Commons.

“Mr Fox said he had been “surprised” by the decision to give the SNP a list of candidates.”

It’s a bit of a surprise, because I’m not sure they have actually thought through the process, and they’ve only had one Scottish MP who’s ever stood in Scotland, I don’t think it’s a complete team,” he said. 

He added: “They don’t even know what they are saying.”

Mr Lucas has been leader of Scottish Labour since the start of 2017.”

If they had looked at the list of people that were running, they’d have said, ‘That’s not going to work, it doesn’t have the momentum to be able to win this seat.'” 

Mr Lucas has been leader of Scottish Labour since the start of 2017.

She also held a key position as the group’s Scotland director. 

A spokesman for the party said: “We are delighted to be working with the Scottish Government to secure the best possible candidate for the post of First Minister, and we are committed to helping the SNP and Scottish people to achieve our shared aim of building a better future for our country.”

“We are also looking forward to supporting the candidates as they go through the rigorous vetting process and ensuring they meet our values and standards.” 

Labour will hold its next general election in 2020, after the UK general election. 

Labour leader Keza MacDonald said that the party was pleased with the list.

“We have a great team in place, it’s clear they have worked incredibly hard, and I’m delighted that they’ve chosen to take on the task of serving Scotland, she said.

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