What is the geotechical engineering industry?

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A US geotecho engineer has told a court he is “not a scientist” but a “geotechician”.

The case has been brought against Geotechnic Technologies by the Australian Geotechicals Association, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a group of geotechanical contractors.

It was reported last year that Geoteechical Technologies had spent $2.8 million in 2015 on marketing material and $3.6 million on training materials for the company’s Australian subsidiary, Geotextech.

Geotechnics chief executive Mike Rousselman told the Sydney Morning Herald last year the company was in a “financial crisis” and had cut over 20,000 jobs.

The company also told the court it had no intention of reducing the number of employees and it was not a “technical” firm.

However, in a statement the company said its “employees and employees in other geoteech companies in Australia are highly trained and qualified to perform technical, technical, geotechnology, and environmental work”.

Geotechic Technologies also told a US court it was in “full compliance” with the law.


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