What happens when geotechical drills get the go-ahead to drill for shale gas?

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By David Roberts and Lauren MacKinnonSeptember 27, 2018The US has long been one of the world’s leading producers of shale gas, and it’s one of a number of places where geotechenical drill rigs are now able to explore for gas under water.

But the company behind the first-ever deep-sea drilling rig in the US, Black Geotechnics, is planning to drill under the surface, under the Pacific Ocean.

Geotechnic, which is based in the California town of Palmdale, is one of many companies in the drilling business that has been exploring the potential of the ocean floor, as well as the potential for oil and gas deposits.

In a statement to Recode, Black said it had received the first drilling permit under the Ocean Exploration Act for a shallow-water drill site.

“While deep-water drilling permits have been issued for oil drilling and natural gas development in the United States, the Ocean Exploitation Act was passed by Congress in 1974 to permit deep-ocean exploration for oil, natural gas and other petroleum resources,” the company said.

Geotechicals has been drilling in the Pacific since 2007, but in recent years, the company has started to expand operations, saying it plans to drill at depths up to 1,000 meters, which would put it within reach of some of the deepest ocean in the world.

Geotes is the only drilling company to get the green light under the law, meaning it is the first company to drill below the surface under the ocean’s surface.

Black geoteachers have used a variety of equipment to drill into the ocean, including remotely operated vehicles, hydrophones, and sonar, and Black says it plans on using a variety, including robotic and hydraulic ones.

In its statement, Black noted that it is also “committed to the development of geotechanical drills to drill deep-surface exploration in the oceans and to further develop the industry in this area of the Pacific.”

The company has already received a drilling permit from the US Coast Guard for the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, which will drill for oil near Puerto Rico.

It has also received a permit for the second drilling rig under the act.

Black geotechers are looking to drill offshore in the Arctic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and other areas.

In the Atlantic, the firm plans to use underwater drilling rigs, including hydrophones and sonars.

Black said it has already drilled for oil in the Caribbean and Atlantic and is currently working on drilling in a new area off the coast of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands.

Black geotes hopes to begin drilling in 2018.

The company said it plans the rig to be able to drill up to 10 meters below the seafloor.

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