The Geotechnica-Burlington Connection


Berkeleyside article The Berkely City Paper, the publication that was the first to report that Berkeley was the new home of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, has been updated with a story that was initially published in late March.

In its article, the Berkelysan paper said the Burlington Southern Railway (BSR) has been leasing the land at 1526 E. Burleigh St. since 2013 and is planning to move in 2021.

The Berkeliesan paper did not disclose the location of the site, and Burlington Northern said it does not comment on rumors or speculation.

The Berkeson paper said a site was never listed for the site.

The city has been working to acquire land in the city for decades, and the newspaper reported that in 2010, Berkelsan officials had reached an agreement to acquire more than 4,000 acres in Berkelton for $7 million.

Berkeley, which was named a World Heritage site in 2011, has about 2,000 residents and is a center of technology and innovation.

The city also has been home to a handful of tech companies, including Apple, Intel, Intel Microelectronics and Intel Power.

Berkeleysides reporter Michael Pappalardo and videographer Josh Mather contributed to this report.

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