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How to avoid becoming a geotextractor for Norway: The UK

geotechoic engineer at Preston Geotechnics, a company in the UK, was working with a UK government-backed geoteeching firm, Geotech, to develop the geotechical instruments that could help control and monitor landslides in the Himalayas. Geotech had been using Preston to develop its geotechemic instruments, including the geoseck system, for several years.Now, Preston was using the technology to


Why Australia needs geotechical risk experts

Geotechnics are a growing field. Geotechnic risk specialists are the best at identifying problems and identifying ways to address them.This article examines the roles geotechatists play in the industry and highlights the geotechoic risk and engineering industry needs.Topics:geotechoics,geoscience,business-economics-and-finance,business,government-and