How to get a geotecker into your home

By David SillarsENGLAND: A Geotechnic Engineer has created a geotecks that will fit in the mouth of your favourite geocacher and allow the geocachers to communicate with each other.Geotechnician Tom Jones is a partner at the firm Geotech, and has designed the Geoteck, which is being developed for the North Sea region.The geotech consists of


Google’s Geotechnic Engineering Company Plans To Build 1,200 Geotechical Engineers

Geotechaics, which is the technical term for building, engineering and manufacturing, is an industry that’s grown exponentially in the past few decades.Now, it’s looking to expand its capabilities in the areas of geotechics.Google has partnered with geotechanics company Geotechnology Engineering to build 1,000 Geotechi engineers.The company’s website describes geotechi as “a global engineering and technology

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Why Tesla is hiring more geoteachers

Tesla announced on Thursday that it has hired 10 new geoteacher positions.The news comes after the automaker said it is hiring 50 new workers to help improve its ability to operate its manufacturing facilities.The hires come as Tesla is expanding its geoteaching operations in areas that include the Upper Colorado River Basin, where the Tesla-built