Students to get $2,500 Geotechnic Engineering Scholarship

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Posted November 05, 2018 12:19:50Geotechnics and geotechicals have been around for a long time.

However, with advances in technology and technology-driven innovations, the field has been getting a lot more attention in the past few years.

One such innovation is the geotechoic engineering scholarship, which offers up to $2.50, depending on the field.

The scholarship is a way for students to apply for scholarships at a higher level, which can result in more scholarships.

The Geotechical Engineering Scholarship Program is a joint initiative between the U.S. Department of Education’s College of Engineering and Technology (CEET) and the National Science Foundation.

According to the program, students can apply for the scholarship through any of the DOE’s geotechnology education, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) colleges, including the College of Arts and Sciences.

The College of Engaged Engaged Students (CEES) is a partnership between the Department of Energy’s Office of Science and the DOE Office of Education and Science.

This is a nonprofit entity that provides a range of support to support the STEM education of students in science, engineering and mathematics, and technology, according to the DOE.CEES is comprised of two separate programs, the College Engaged Technology and the College Advanced Technology and Engineering Technology Scholarship Program.CEET has partnered with the National Center for Geosciences to provide this scholarship program.

According a press release, the scholarship will help students “to advance their careers in STEM disciplines by investing in STEM-related careers and research.”

The program is open to all U.s. high school seniors who are not currently enrolled in an accredited college, and will allow students to “choose from a list of STEM-relevant career and technical education programs to pursue and complete in the next 12 months.”

According to the National Academies, the geosciency is a “science of the earth” and is an integral part of the American workforce.

Geoscience is the study of the physical and chemical properties of the Earth and its environment, as well as the study and application of science and technology to those properties.

According the DOE, “Geoscience education is an essential part of our nation’s efforts to create a more sustainable, more equitable world.”

For more on STEM, check out this Fortune article.

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