Southwest Geotechnics Plans to Pay $1 Billion for First Site in the Gateway geotechical proposal


The Southwest geothermal proposal is being considered by a state agency that will oversee the proposed $1 billion project, which would be the first large-scale geothermal project on the Colorado River.

The proposed Gateway geothermal energy project would be located on the southernmost edge of the Navajo Nation.

A state agency called the Bureau of Land Management is working on the proposal and has not released any specific location information.

The proposal would involve two large water wells drilled through the Navajo Reservation, which are expected to supply about 20 percent of the nation’s energy needs.

The Navajo Nation and the Bureau also have a pipeline for geothermal power that would be needed to connect to the proposed site.

The proposed Gateway project would also be a major new energy source for the Navajo reservation.

The project would likely cost about $1.8 billion.

The BLM is expected to approve the project sometime next year.

The Navajo Nation has been working for decades to develop its own geothermal resources, including drilling for oil and gas, and has sought to tap into new natural resources such as the Colorado.

The reservation was also the site of the first known successful geothermal field in the United States in 1968, when a small group of engineers drilled through a volcanic rock formation in the Navajo Desert.

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