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It’s a hot topic in the football world, and it’s a topic that’s going to keep coming up over the next few months.

On Monday, Italy will travel to the United States for the opening of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

The game kicks off at 5pm ET (1pm BST) on Saturday, May 23, and is broadcast live on Eurosport.

The match, which was hosted by French host France, is expected to be the highlight of the tournament, with the two teams set to meet in the final.

For those travelling in the US, the logistics are likely to be a nightmare.

With the number of US football clubs currently based in Canada, the US government has issued a number of rules aimed at preventing the spread of the virus to the country.

To ensure that the players and their families are prepared, the rules stipulate that any team travelling to Canada must obtain a quarantine permit and that all flights to and from Canada must be accompanied by a quarantine officer.

The rules also forbid players from touching the bodies of people who have died from the coronavirus.

“We can’t allow this virus to spread in Canada because it will put Canadian lives at risk,” the prime minister, Justin Trudeau, said in a statement ahead of the game.

“The people of Canada must have confidence in their own safety and the safety of the Canadian players.”

While Canada has no official guidelines on how to conduct the game, a spokesperson for the Canadian Football League said in an email that it would be up to the players to follow the rules.

“If they wish to do so, we will work with them to make sure they have everything they need to play the game,” the spokesperson said.

“There are no specific protocols we can put in place to ensure that players are prepared.

We are aware that the CONCAN and MLS have issued specific guidelines for how they handle travel and accommodation.”

The rules will not be enforced at the game itself, though.

“No Canadian players or team are allowed to touch the bodies or parts of the bodies,” the Canadian Rugby Football Union said in the statement.

“Canada is committed to providing a safe environment for its international players, and this is why we will continue to work closely with the teams, players and supporters of Canada to ensure the health and safety of all of our players and the players of the other teams participating.”

What you need to know about coronaviruses: The virus has now infected a further five people in the UK, five in France, three in Germany and two in the Netherlands.

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