How to Build a VR-Based 3D Printer that’s Made of Metal


If you want to make 3D prints out of metal, you’ll need a new way to make metal, according to an engineering graduate.

Geotechnic Engineering graduate Adam Ziegler says he made the new technology out of “hardened stainless steel” with a combination of the materials from the new additive manufacturing process he learned in grad school.

He used 3D printing technology from the company Stratasys to make the metal.

It took him about two weeks to create the prototype that can print out metal parts.

Zieglers team is using Stratasies proprietary 3D printer technology and the 3D printed part can be machined to the exact thickness of the parts, he said.

“I think the most interesting part of this project is that it’s actually easy to make a 3D print out of stainless steel,” he said.

“We have this printer that prints out stainless steel.

If we were to use it to make these metal parts, the parts would look much nicer and they would look like metal,” Ziegling said.

This is an idea I’m really excited about, to be able to print out this metal piece of plastic and print out a part of it that can be made out of these materials and we can just use it for anything.

“He added that it could help make 3-D printing a reality in the future.

The team has already built three parts out of the material.

One is a printer that allows the user to make one metal part out of a different material.

The other is a small metal tube that is designed to fit in a 3-d printer.

The third part is an open air 3-axis machining machine.

The 3D printers have already been used for the printing of parts in the military and are expected to be used for production of aerospace parts.

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