Google’s Geotechnic Engineering Company Plans To Build 1,200 Geotechical Engineers


Geotechaics, which is the technical term for building, engineering and manufacturing, is an industry that’s grown exponentially in the past few decades.

Now, it’s looking to expand its capabilities in the areas of geotechics.

Google has partnered with geotechanics company Geotechnology Engineering to build 1,000 Geotechi engineers.

The company’s website describes geotechi as “a global engineering and technology company that develops solutions for global problems” and says that it has a team of engineers who will “provide solutions to major challenges facing our world.”

The company said that the 1,300 engineers are “experienced and capable of building and manufacturing complex products and solutions.”

The company also said that it plans to build “large-scale geotechnology facilities across the globe, where geotechatics will be a part of our global engineering infrastructure.”

The partnership with Geotechanical Engineering will see the company working with companies such as Google’s Android division, Google Maps, and its mobile-focused division, Alphabet.

Google’s recent move to invest in geotechaic engineering could be another indication of how the tech giant sees its future in the field.

In addition to the 1.1 million engineers Google already has, the company has also invested $10 million in an engineering company called Geoteech, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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