Geotechnics proposal to drill for shale gas in Wyoming is on hold


Geotechanics proposed a shale gas development in Wyoming that could have a significant impact on the state’s oil and gas industry.

Geotechnicals proposal to explore for shale oil and natural gas in the Bakken shale in Wyoming was first announced in March.

Geotechics chief executive officer, Greg Leighton, said the drilling was not in the state�s best interest, according to a release.

Leighton also said the company did not want to be involved in a potential conflict with the Bureau of Land Management.

Leighton said the project was not the first in the Dakotas, but was a significant development because of the potential for oil and geothermal development in the area.

Leighton said the Bakkens are currently producing about a quarter of North Dakota�s total energy.

He said the proposal would not alter Bakken oil production.

In a statement, Leighton said that Geotechoic, which has developed drilling equipment for natural gas and oil, is not the only company looking at exploring for shale resources in the U.S. The company has already explored for shale in Montana, New Mexico and Texas.

Leighton said the new proposal would be different from the ones previously proposed, which have been rejected by the Interior Department.

The agency last year rejected the proposed exploratory drilling for natural-gas in the Upper Missouri River basin because of a lack of data on the potential of fracking.

Leeson said the agency also rejected a proposal to develop gas wells in the Marcellus Shale.

The agency has said that the Marcellsons shale plays are well within federal land limits.

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