Geotechnics experts: ‘We’re not sure we can say that’ over BP’s Arctic drilling plan

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Geotechical experts say the U.S. government is not ready to commit to the drilling plan and the drilling could create environmental disasters.

They also warn that the company’s plan for the drilling in the Arctic has significant risks, including oil spills.

Geotechnic experts also say that BP’s plan is likely to produce more oil and gas than the U,S.

would ever produce in a single year.

BP says its plan for drilling in Arctic is not based on the U.,S.

Geological Survey’s estimates, and it would not be able to determine whether its Arctic drilling would lead to any pollution.

But the Geotechaics’ report says BP’s proposal is based on estimates from the USGS and a 2010 study by researchers at the University of California, Irvine.

It says the US Geological Survey estimates that oil from the drilling would have a “significant and potentially catastrophic” impact on the Arctic.

The report also says the company is not prepared to give the US government access to data related to oil spills or accidents at the drilling sites.

Battling oil spills?

BP is not the only oil company planning to drill in the region.

Another company, ExxonMobil, has already drilled in the area.

Other oil and natural gas producers are exploring for oil and other natural gas in the Chukchi Sea.

Last year, BP said it had drilled more than 1,000 wells in the North Slope of Alaska and the Beaufort Sea in the Beauharnois Sea.

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