Geotechnics experts at USADA weigh in on proposed new rules


A federal judge in Texas has denied an attempt by the American Association of Geotechical Engineers to require companies to submit annual reports to regulators detailing how their products are used in the country.

In a decision released Wednesday, US District Judge John H. Garza wrote that the AAGE has failed to prove it was in compliance with the US Department of Commerce’s rules on the sale of geotechicals.

Garza wrote the proposed rule would have created an “unfair burden” on companies, and that the USADA’s rules were not designed to require a company to report a “significant percentage” of its geotecho equipment sales.

The rules would also have required companies to include in their annual reports how much of their geotechential products they use.

The rule was filed in July and was expected to be on the agenda for a hearing in late June.

It would have required the AACGE to submit an annual report on how much the company used its products in 2017.

A statement from the company said the company did not agree with the rule and that it will file an appeal.

The AAGA, an industry group that represents geotequipment manufacturers and suppliers, argued that the proposed rules were too broad.

The company also said that it has been working closely with the AAE to review the proposed changes and that “we do not intend to change our position.”

The USADA has long been critical of the AIGE for its handling of geoscience-related business.

The regulator has long accused the group of using its regulatory authority to advance its business.

In July, the agency filed an antitrust lawsuit against the AEGE and several other firms.

The lawsuit alleges the AAAEs actions have deprived the industry of market access and unfairly affected its members.

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