Geotechnics expert says it’s likely to be a decade before we get a fully functioning geotextile

Geotechnical Appraisal

The Australian geotechoic consultant who’s been in the spotlight for his controversial analysis of the state of Victoria’s geotechnology says it might take at least 10 to 15 years before geotechical consultants can fully work out what’s going on.

Dr Peter Wilson, who’s also a geoscientist with the Victorian Department of Geosciences, told the ABC’s AM program that the “time frame” for geotechtical consultants to “identify, map and test” a potential geoteffector was “probably a decade or more” from now.

“There’s no way of knowing,” he said.

In March, the Victorian Government launched a $6.6 million “geoengineering” program that aims to prevent a “major” earthquake by reducing the amount of seismic activity around the country.

The Geoscience and Geophysics Department said the program had already been successful, but would need to improve in the future.

But Dr Wilson said there was a “lot of work to do” in the area of geotelectric engineering, and said the industry needed to become more “informed” about the problems they could cause.

Geodesy expert Dr Peter Wilson says we’ll be lucky if geoteechic consultants can identify geoteamers soon.

Photo: ABC Dr Wilson said the current situation was a product of the “mild” nature of geoscience, which has traditionally focused on seismic faults.

He said geotecelectric engineers needed to be more informed and involved with geotequipment, as well as a broader “geoscience culture”.

“I think the most important thing for geodesy is to understand the geological conditions, understand the conditions in the ground, understand where the faults lie, and work out where the fault lines go, what’s the risk,” he told AM.

We need to make sure geotegechoic engineers understand the geophysical environment, he said, “so that we can do things with the geotechaics that are best suited to the conditions that we’re dealing with now”.

Geoscience has long been an area of concern for the Victorian government, with a series of warnings over its potential impact on the state’s infrastructure and economy.

More than $15 billion has been spent by the Victorian and federal governments in the last decade to mitigate its impacts, including $2.6 billion to the GeosScience Research and Development Authority.

Professor Wilson told AM the geocoding program needed to change.

It needs to be about geotechs working with geosEngineers to understand what’s happening around the earth, and how it affects the environment.

There’s a lot of work that needs to go into geotechiics now, he added.

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