Geotechnic services provider offers more than 10Gbps service for €2,500


An engineering service provider in the Republic of Ireland is offering up to 10Gbits of data for €4,000 ($5,200).

Dublin-based geotextensio, which offers “lightweight” geotechical engineering (LEGE) exams, says the service is “part of our commitment to the future”.

Dublin based geoteptensio has been offering up-to-10Gbps data services to its customers for some time, the company says.

Dublin is one of the biggest centres for data centres in Europe.

The city’s central business district hosts more than 600 data centres, and the city has a population of more than two million.

Geotextentsio is currently the second-largest provider of LEGE exams in the UK, behind London-based DigitalOcean.

In the UK the company is also in talks with major internet service providers to offer up-front payment of up to 2Gbps for LEGE tests, with customers paying an annual fee of €5,000 per exam.

Dubai-based internet service provider Aliyom is offering LEGE-certified services to a select group of customers at prices starting at just €1,400 per exam for a limited time.

The company says LEGE exam results from its tests are available in Dubai, and is offering discounts to customers with UAE residency, for example.LEGE is the name given to the standardised certification exam which covers a variety of technologies.

LEGE certification is designed to improve performance and reduce the need for costly testing, with companies offering LEGEC, LEGEX and LEGELEX certification to their customers to boost their chances of success in a future job.LEGEC is an industry standard for the UK’s IT industry.

The qualification tests cover topics including software engineering, networking, data center, cloud, and mobile.LEGIATE LEGES are the most widely used LEGE standard in the world, covering a range of technology areas, such as IT management, business processes, infrastructure, and cloud computing.

LEGEX, on the other hand, covers areas such as business processes and network architecture.

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