Computer and Geotechnic Associates: We’ll help you find your next career


Computational Geotechical Associates, a software firm based in New York, is looking for an engineer and data scientist to work on their products.

They’re looking for people with a strong understanding of computer science, data science, and machine learning.

“We’re looking to hire engineers who will work with a range of projects, and also have strong technical skills, as well as be able to write code and understand basic programming concepts,” the firm’s website reads.

Computer Science is a broad field, with some of the top companies including Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

If you’re looking into data science or computer vision, you can also look at artificial intelligence.

“As data science and machine language is growing in importance, we are looking for software developers who are passionate about the use of data to build intelligent products and services,” the company’s website says.

The company is looking to fill a software engineer position with a passion for data science.

“While this is a new role for a computer scientist, we believe it is an ideal position to help solve a number of critical problems in the data science industry,” the website reads, “be it building algorithms for financial data analysis, mapping and mapping products, machine learning models for financial transactions, or even improving artificial intelligence.”

The company has an internship program, but you can apply online.

The position pays $60,000 a year.

Computer and Software Engineers are responsible for building software that can be used to build a wide range of products and applications.

Computer scientists are responsible in many cases for building the algorithms used in the development of computer systems.

Software engineers build programs that run on the computer systems, like the internet of things.

“Software engineers work to build algorithms that can run on a wide variety of devices, from a smartphone to a tablet to a big data analytics platform,” the Computer and software engineers website reads for the job description.

The Computer and computer science internship is in New Jersey, and the position is available to applicants ages 18 and older.

This is a huge position, with a lot of responsibility and a lot more to do, so be prepared to do the hard work.

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