What are the future implications of using the ‘geoengineering’ technology

Engineering jobs will be created through geotechical engineering.A recent article in the journal Applied Geophysics and Geoengineering has found that by using the “geoengineered” technology, a company can create jobs for people with no formal engineering training.The article, by Professor Richard Fisk from the University of Leeds, was co-authored by Professor James Gannon from the


Why do Irish companies keep working in Europe?

An article in the Irish Times today provides some insight into why some Irish companies continue to work in Europe despite their country’s continued economic problems.The article looks at how some companies have been successful in other markets while others have failed to thrive.In addition to highlighting the positives and negatives of working in Ireland,


How to get a new Geotechnics licence in Australia

Posted October 07, 2018 06:59:00 Geotechanical Testing and Testing (GPT) is the practice of testing the safety and performance of equipment for use in the manufacturing and installation of geotechanic products.Geotechical Engineering (GE) is a branch of Engineering and the practice is focused on developing products that are safer, more efficient and less prone to


Why will China’s market plunge?

Raney Geotechnics Inc., a U.S.-based company that develops and manufactures seismic equipment, said on Monday that it was slashing more than 5,000 jobs from its Seattle-based headquarters, cutting its workforce by about half.The layoffs come as China’s economy slows and many of its factories are closing.Raney, a unit of GE Capital Corp., has been working

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Which is the best ARP of Hawaii?

In this episode of the “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Reddit, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal goes to Hawaii to explore what it is like to be a geotechanical engineer, how to be successful as an ARP (arithmetic research and development) engineer and what it’s like to work with a geospatial company.Topics discussed


What are the world’s top geotechical jobs?

A geotechanical job is an area of work that involves using geotextracting equipment to extract and analyze data from rocks, sedimentary deposits and other materials.Geotechnicians work to improve the quality and safety of the world we live in by understanding the geology and the processes that are affecting our world.Geotechnic jobs can range from geotechopping